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Myclobutanil 98% TC
【Name】Myclobutanil 98% TC
【Product details】

ICAMA No. PD20081371

Product name: Myclobutanil 
Chemical name: 1-(4-Chlorophenyl)-2-(hydro-1,2,4-triazole-1-methyl)-amylcyanide 
Molecular formula: C15H17CIN4
Molecular weight: 288.8
CAS: 88671-89-0

Physical and chemical properties:

Pure product is white solid and industrial product is light yellow solid, melting point 63-68℃, 25℃ vapor pressure 0.213mPa, 25℃ water solubility 142mg/l; easily soluble in organic solvent; soluble in alcohol, arere, ester, tone

To use:

It is triazole fungicide with systematic, protective and systematic property. It has broad spectrum. And it can be used to prevent and control of powdery mildew, rust disease and scab on apple, pear and banana, of powdery mildew on stone fruits and rust disease.

Product specification:

Appearance: light yellow powder
Dosage form: 97%MyclobutanilTC, 12.5%MyclobutanilEC, 25%MyclobutanilEC, 40%MyclobutanilWP, 25%MyclobutanilSC, 20%MyclobutanilEW。
Packaging: 97%MyclobutanilTC, 40%MyclobutanilWP uses 25kg/fiber can lined with plastic bag 
12.5%, 25%MyclobutanilEC, 25MyclobutanilSC, 20%MyclobutanilEW uses 200L/iron drum(560X890mm) with inner coating of PVF.