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Metalaxyl-M 92% TC
【Name】Metalaxyl-M 92% TC
【Product details】

ICAMA No. PD20142202

Product name: Metalaxyl-M 
Chemical name: n-(2,6-dimethylphenyl)-n-(methoxyacetyl)-alanine methyl ester 
Molecular formula: C15H21NO4
Molecular weight: 279.3
CAS: 70630-17-0

Physical and chemical properties: Light yellow to light brown sticky liquid, melting point -38.7℃, boiling point 270℃, vapor pressure 3.3mPa(25℃), 20℃relative density 1.125, 25℃ water solubility 26g/l, n-hexane 59g/l, mixed soluble with acetone , ethyl acetate, methyl alcohol and n-caprylic alcohol
To use: For prevention and control of downy mildew on grape, potato, tomato and strawberry, tobacco, onion and soybean, and etc.

Product specification:
Appearance: light brown liquid