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Metalaxyl 98% TC
【Name】Metalaxyl 98% TC
【Product details】

ICAMA No. PD20060154

Product name: Metalaxyl 
Chemical name:N-(2,6-Dimethylphenyl)-N-(methoxy acetyl)-alanine methyl ester
Molecular formula: C13H21NO4
Molecular weight: 279.3
CAS: 57937-19-1

Physical and chemical properties: Pure product is white crystal and industrial product is almost white crystal; melting point 63.5-72.3℃, relative density 1.20(20℃), 25℃℃ vapor pressure 0.75mPa, 22℃ water solubility 8.4g/L, 25℃ ethyl alcohol 400, acetone 450, methyl alcohol 340, n-hexane 11

Product specification:
Appearance: almost white crystal
Dosage form: 98%MetalaxylTC , 25%, 35%MetalaxylWP, 58%, 72%Metalaxyl·Mnzn WP。
Packaging: 25%, 35%MetalaxylWP, 58%, 72%Metalaxyl·Mnzn WP, 98%MetalaxylTC uses 25kg/fiber can or woven bag lined with plastic bag