YIFAN BIO-TECH's clodinafop-propargyl technical certified to EU equivalence determination, ready to explore formulation market

Recently, according to YIFAN BIO-TECH, its herbicide product clodinafop-propargyl technical has obtained the EU technical equivalence. EU is one of the regions with most stringent pesticide regulation in the world, the EU technical equivalence determination indicates the quality of Yifan Bio-tech’s clodinafop-propargyl technical, which has reached the identical level of that of multinationals, thus paving the way for the product to access into EU market.

Clodinafop-propargyl is a legacy product of YIFAN BIO-TECH. Over the years, YIFAN BIO-TECH has made considerable investment on the process optimization, formulation development and product registration. The pesticide registration certificate and production license of both clodinafop-propargyl technical and formulation products are all complete and effective. 
At present, YIFAN BIO-TECH focuses on marketing of its technical in the international market. In the later stage, we are prepared to gradually recommend the high-quality formulation products popular in the domestic market to partners in the international market.
In Chinese domestic market, YIFAN BIO-TECH has successively launched clodinafop-propargyl 8% EC (trade name YIFAN MAIGE), clodinafop-propargyl 15% WP (trade name GENGJIN) and clodinafop-propargyl 15% ME. Among them, YIFAN MAIGE is very well recognized in the Chinese market and has won high praise from wheat growers, as the first formulation product of Chinese company granted the registration in China. YIFAN MAIGE, is a new-generation and high-effective herbicide used in wheat field for post-emergence stem and leaf treatment for control of wild oats, foxtail, barnyard grass, keng stiffgrass and beard grass, with an excellent and stable control effect. YIFAN MAIGE has the following advantages:
- Strongly systemic, rain fastness, safe to wheat.
- Less affected by environment, application under low temperature is also effective.
- Wide season application, application in winter and spring is also effective.
- Easily degradable in the soil, safe to after-reap crops.